Coaching & Training for Ministries

Kingdom impact for Kingdom influencers

We believe everyone wants to make a positive impact during the course of their lives and if given the right tools, we believe they can.  We understand your passion for affecting change while in service to others.  But how do you know whether or not you’re truly helping – without hurting?  How do you go about keeping your passion fueled when compassion fatigue sets in?


One-on-one coaching for those who wish to fuel/re-fuel their passion for making a difference.

• Ministry leadership, staff and lay leadership coaching
• Missions leadership, staff and lay leadership coaching
• Nonprofit leadership and staff coaching


Training for those who wish to do ministry well without hurting those they serve.

• Christ-centered, Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) workshops
• IDI assessment administration and developmental coaching
• Intercultural Conflict Styles (ICS) assessment, administration and developmental coaching
• Missions done well
• Toxic Charity and Helping without Hurting for local and global missions
• Partnering well
• Chronic Vs crisis approaches toward missions
• Understanding community Vs individualistic mindsets
• Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) training
• Sustainable community development training
• Equal justice awareness & training
• Going back to WWJD and Servant Leadership

Our Ministry Clients Are...

• Missional/pastoral leaders
• Executive directors
• Task forces
• Faith-based nonprofit staff
• Nonprofit staff
• Lay leaders
• Directors of development

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