Hi, I'm Eli

I’m not a big fan of self-promoting. Although, I’d be the first person to say to my clients, “What goes un-marketed also goes un-sold”.   And even though I love to help my clients promote themselves, I really don’t like doing it for myself.

In fact, this bio was the last bit of content I added to my website. Why? Because I was stuck on what to say, how to say it and I was dragging my feet. I like to describe this dilemma as the, “having to eat your own cooking” syndrome, and it’s a lot harder than it seems – even though it really shouldn’t be!  So therein lies the reason for coaching…

…because we ALL get stuck; especially when dwelling within our own minds. Sometimes we need a sounding board that will get us thinking about things in a different way and then hold us accountable to taking action toward a new approach.


Through my pursuit of lifelong learning as well as having an appetite for curiosity, I’ve amassed a LOT of experience. However, I’m not talking about a list of jobs/skills/accomplishments. Yes, I’ve got that too (the ONLY good thing about aging!), but what I’m talking about is life experience. You know, the really messy stuff that no one wants to talk about because that would mean admitting ones own brokenness, right? Well, guess what? As you’ll see by my Word Cloud to the right, I’m broken.

Why am I taking such an unconventional approach to my bio?  3 reasons:

  1. If I care enough to try to help people get unstuck (and I do!), I figure I should also be pretty transparent about why I believe I can.
  2. If I can overcome personal and professional hurdles like these, you can too!
  3. It’s hard to overcome challenges without help – not to mention all the time wasted trying to do so. We all need help getting unstuck at times whether we recognize it or not.

Word Cloud of brokenness

Word Art

Maybe… Just maybe, the reason we’re given challenges in life is to share them in order to help someone else.

Feel free to check out my professional experience, education and training on LinkedIn or request my CV if you like, but you just read the real reason I think you should choose me for your Life Coach.  Thank you!


Leveraging challenges and opportunities to create positive change